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Jennifer Hudson says Mariah is a great American Idol judge, says nothing about Nicki and Keith on Ke

When it comes to the new judges on American Idol, the show's most famous daughter, Jennifer Hudson, isn’t going overboard with praise.

'It’s taken a bit to get used to the new judges. I come from American Idol, so I’m used to seeing Simon, Paula and Randy,' she explained about the latest season during an interview on Live with Kelly & Michael on Friday morning.

'So now it’s new faces, and to me, [Cowell, Abdul and Jackson] represented the show. It’s kind of awkward for me to see it with new judges.'

They're 'awkward': Jennifer Hudson isn't keen on the new American Idol judging panel, save for Mariah Carey, she told Kelly and Michael on Friday. But she did have some kind words for diva of divas, Mariah Carey.

'Well, I’m happy that [Mariah Carey]‘s there because she’s a singer, so she knows what to expect, how to judge, even the position that the kids are in when they’re auditioning,' she said.

But when asked about Keith Urban and Nicki Minaj - both successful artists, both singers - she could only respond with a vague, 'Ummmm, yes.'

She was on the show to discuss her guest starring role as Veronica Moore, a Tony Award winning star on the new season of Smash.

'It was so intimidating at first,' shares Hudson. 'Being on a television show that is functioning like a Broadway show, but it's like a concert at the same time. So it's changing every week!'

Hudson has also spoken about how it felt to sing the national anthem with the children of Sandy Hook.

'They were so sweet... It was an emotional rollercoaster for me,' Hudson said

'Like, I'm obviously excited to be part of such a huge, major event, but then to have to sing for something so emotional... and then to meet the kids...

'I went into the room to meet the children (for the first time) and we're supposed to rehearse the song and I can't even get through the song. They're looking up at me and to think that they were put in that position...'


I get why people negative reacted when Nicki was on the panel, but Keith?? He actually knows what he is talking about tbh. And Idol producers need to stop portraying Mariah as the next Paula through all the editing.
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