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"Jack White [A.K.A. Best Performance of the Night] Spreads the Love at Grammys"


Jack White has admirers in all genres of music. On the red carpet at the Grammy Awards, Tyler, the Creator turned into a star-struck fan at the sight of White, asking a handler to arrange an introduction and deferentially waiting while White went through media to take a photo and shake hands with the three-time Grammy nominee.

For White, that kind of cross-genre connection is what makes the Grammys special. "That's what's really great about this. I've always loved that. I've never been a one-kind-of-genre kind of person. I like all music, and when you actually get exposed to it in different ways, that's what beautiful on a night like this. It's not a competition – it's listening to everybody from all fields do their own thing," he told Rolling Stone.

It's mostly as a fan that White is working these days with his Third Man Records, including a new three-song single with the Butthole Surfers' Gibby Haynes, though White is a little frustrated at how his involvement has been represented. "I'm going to start taking my name off some of this stuff because I like to produce 45s, but you produce a 45 of Gibby Haynes and they end up saying, 'Jack White releases new record with Gibby Haynes on vocals.' And it's not really fair," he said.

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