Mila Kunis on Showing ‘Side Boob’ or ‘A**’ On Screen: ‘You Don’t Get Both’

If you were expecting Mila Kunis to really open up about her relationship with Ashton Kutcher in her new Allure interview, well, adjust your expectations.

When shown a picture of her 35-year-old beau and another of pal Natalie Portman to comment on during the interview, the “Black Swan” star was apparently none too pleased. And, according to the writer, reacted with a “500” on an anger scale of one to 10.

"I didn't think this was going to be about my friends. Happily about myself! Not about who my friends are, who I'm dating, or who I may have ever dated. That’s not talking about myself!” Kunis exclaimed.

While she may not have wanted to talk about her current relationship, she seemed happy to reminisce about her single days.

“For four years I was single. An amazing time. An amazing time,” she gushed. “I love being single.”

It’s unclear which four years she’s talking about since the actress first got together with Macaulay Culkin in 2002, when she was 18, stayed in that relationship until 2010 and then started dating Kutcher, her former “That ‘70s Show” co-star, last year. But we’ll assume the writer didn’t want to set Kunis off again by asking her to explain her math.

In the March issue, the 29-year-old also came clean about getting nude-but-not-too-nude in her love scenes with Justin Timberlake in the 2011 romantic comedy “Friends With Benefits.”

“I showed side boob,” she confessed. “I don’t need to show a**. You get one or the other. You don’t get both.”

Kunis may be able to control which parts she decides to strip down for, but the brunette beauty admitted she can’t control the photographers who follow her … and the whole thing can make her a little uneasy.

“You can look [online] and see what Starbucks I go to. You can look and see what gym I go to. You can go online and look at my daily activities! And they have no concept of what kind of danger that puts people in,” she proclaimed. “You’re constantly worried that something’s going to get out that’s going to put your life in danger or your loved ones.”