Lady Gaga sends an important message to her fans + talks about ARTPOP, Michael Jackson, Madonna

Last week, Lady Gaga herself met with four Gaga Daily moderators to receive a fan book from our site’s members, talk about her upcoming album and more. She also asked the fans to send a very important message to her fanbase:

"A message Gaga wants us to spread to the fans: Please do not be upset when you hear someone say they do not like Lady Gaga. Gaga does not want such a thing to bother you. She said she likes to be hated, because it means she is controversial and all legends were controversial figures. She likes how GagaDaily doesn't allow disrespect of other artists because she wants her fans to appreciate all kinds of music."

Kayla’s story:

As many of you know, we started collecting entries for the Fanbook in September of 2012 and were gathering content to use in the Scrapbook in December. This came after spending months brainstorming, creating whole ideas and then scrapping them entirely before settling on a Fanbook/Scrapbook combination with guidelines that were easy to understand.

Zilla and I spent hours working on the Scrapbook pages and maintaining the e-mails received for the Fanbooks. I must give Zilla all credit for the Fanbook, though- that was all her! She also did majority of the pages in the Scrapbook. I remember the night before the due date, I was up until 5 a.m. working on pages, after spending days and hours working already on my pages.

I also must thank a very special team of members who donated money to this project. I will not say who they are or how much they gave, as they wish to remain anonymous, but without them this project would not have been able to be completed, so I thank them with all my heart and cannot accurately express my gratitude with words.

It was decided we would meet up with Gaga at the Born Brave Bus to give her the books, allowing them to stay safe and in good condition during the show. (It was made very clear that Gaga would not see them until we were there with her!) We found her, in a leopard print coat, at the DJ booth talking to DJ White Shadow. After handing over the books, we chatted about how we knew Emma and were hoping to find a way to deliver a care package that a few of our wonderful Moderators put together for her.

The show was amazing, camping out was amazing, the people we met were amazing, and I could write a whole book on those things alone, but I’ll focus on the experience of making the books and being backstage. At the end of the show, we made our way to our meeting place, where all the other people who’d been given access backstage were waiting, and moved to the back of the General Admission Area to watch “Marry the Night” and give them our names and e-mail addresses.

After being escorted backstage, we were each given a bottle of water. Us Gaga Daily folk (Myself, Zilla, and Nick) were given the books and took back to a room where Emma and her family and friends were located. Walking down the hall, I spotted Madeon [Gaga's producer] and Gaga’s manager was holding Fozzi as we walked into the room.

We chatted with Emma and her family for a while, and at one point called ChicaSkas so she could speak to Emma too. (Technically, at that time we had five moderators backstage – gotta be a record!). One other neat thing that happened was Asiel [Gaga's dancer] came into the room to talk to us for a bit! He was super nice.

At last, we got word Gaga was on her way. Emma’s friend by the door said he could hear her, that she was talking and laughing. I remember my heart was pounding and I was worried about what my reaction would be. She entered the room and I was speechless. As she was going around getting our names, she reached me and I got all choked up and said “I’m sorry, I’m just really happy right now!” She laughed and walked over to give me a hug, I told her she was beautiful.

She gave me so many hugs that night, mainly because I had so many moments where I got starstruck and just amazed that she was standing right there. Seriously, the feeling of standing next to her while she is talking to you, sharing stories, laughing, crying, and more is so surreal. She went from being this unattainable entity to a person who I could actually touch and start a conversation with. And she was the one who initiated all those hugs!

And despite the moments of speechlessness and amazedness, it was surprisingly easy to talk to Gaga. She has a way of making you feel comfortable, even though she’s the biggest superstar in the world. She is easily the nicest, most humble, down to earth person I’ve ever met in my life. Hands down. I expected her to be all those things, but she completely blew all my expectations out of the water and was even more amazing than I ever could have imagined her to be.

When Gaga was signing things for us and one of Emma’s friends gave her a copy o The Fame o sign. They started talking about how Gaga used to sign those albums when they first came out, and she said she used to sign them differently because she was just excited people wanted to get her autograph. She then proceeded to sign his album the same way she used to back in the day, even adding “Enjoy The Fame!” In addition to that, I noticed the other little messages she wrote in her autographs seemed tailored to the person who was getting it from her.

Now I’d like to go back to when I was speechless right after she walked in the room and she hugged me. Gaga then said, “Do you have anything you want to ask me about?” Nearly sobbing, I blurted out: “Everything!” A little later, I said: “Okay, I know what I want to ask you about… I’m kind of a bird nerd,” at this point she laughed and said she never heard someone say something like that before, and I had to laugh too and said “I really love birds! So I was wondering what your favorite bird is?” Gaga laughed again and said something along the lines of her never being asked a question like that before before starting to pace, deep in thought with her hand on her chin.

When she knew she had it, she said, “Well, I really like Flamingos. The way they walk and bend their knees like…” Gaga then proceeded to imitate a flamingo. “I like how they’re so noisy, and they just seem so shady.” She also said she was fond of Ostriches, but then said her favorite bird was a mythical bird, the Phoenix.

After saying that, she confesse ARTPOP as actually very much inspired by the Phoenix and its ability to rise from the ashes. When I heard her say that, I told her about how so many people in the fan base think the album’s concept is about the decay of the superstar, and upon hearing me say that she was very quick to shut that down. “No!” she said. “It’s not about that at all. At. All.”  This sparked some more discussion abou ARTPOP, and based on what we heard you guys will love the album so much! For the purpose of not letting information leak, out of respect to Gaga and so no leeches can take her ideas before they’re even released, instead of giving out the details and information she gave us we’ll just agree to say “That’s something Gaga told us about!” after it’s officially released to the public, okay?

However, two things we have been somewhat convinced that would be okay to share is that when people hear Gaga on the radio again, they’re going to think to themselves, “Wow, is this really Lady Gaga?” She also said the song is like a really good night at a club (and you know how she does that thing where she lifts up her hand and clicks her fingers when she says “really good”? Yeah, she did that!). She said it’s like when you’re out dancing and the DJ just keeps playing one awesome song after another. So, according to her, you could play the album straight through at a club and it’d be amazing!

About Gaga Daily, she said we are her favorite website for a few reasons, one of them being the Flamebait rule, stating she likes how we don’t allow disrespect of other artists because she wants her fans to appreciate all kinds of music. She also really loves how kind the members seem to be towards each other, mentioning that she notices other forums “can get very shady” and be very rude towards one-another, which is something that she does not like at all. She also thinks we do a good job of keeping the place clean! (Not kidding you, she said all of those things. I didn’t know she had such a big opinion of us!)

Now on to the books. Gaga was indeed very excited about the Scrapbook, and started flipping through as Zilla explained which parts of the book she created and which parts I did. I was standing behind her so I didn’t get a good chance to notice which pages she was spending the most time on, but I did notice she pointed out the Rolling Stones spread (at one point in the Meet and Greet, I told her that she embodied that era perfectly with the way she danced, her outfit, the way she moved on stage with the Rolling Stones, and she said she knew that if she was born in that era she wouldn’t have been successful because she would have been running around dating rock stars. She said she often jokes with Yoko and tells her that if she was born during that time, Yoko would have had to have hidden John Lennon from her!).

After she was finished flipping through the Scrapbook, we handed her the Fanbook and she got so excited! She said, “Are these the fans?!” and snatched it out of Zilla’s hands, immediately opening it to look at the pages. Gaga said she keeps all of the fanbooks she receives and when she feels down, just pulls one out and flips through it for inspiration and happiness.

Lastly, and I saved this for last because it’s most important and needs to be something that sticks with you, is a message Gaga wants us to spread to the fans: Please do not be upset when you hear someone say they do not like Lady Gaga. Gaga does not want such a thing to bother you. She said she likes to be hated, because it means she is controversial and all legends were controversial figures.

Emma’s story:

Here’s how this whole thing came about specifically for me. Back in December, I wrote an e-mail off to Gaga’s team about a possible Meet and Greet with Gaga (anyone who knows me also knows I have absolutely no access to the pit). After nearly two months, I got a reply from a very sweet guy named Trevor and he had stated that a documentary is being filmed about the Born This Way Foundation.

The morning of the show, there was literally a camera crew inside my house. They wanted to know my life story, why I love Gaga, etc. My three friends were there also, who had stories of their own. The whole interview lasted about two hours, at which point I had to hurry up and get ready to head out to the venue, where they would continue filming.

We arrived at the Xcel Energy Center shortly before 3:30. After waiting around for a bit, I met Trevor and the rest of the crew, who wanted to get footage at the Born Brave Bus and tailgate. Surprisingly, the whole thing was very casual – after awhile, you pretty much forget there’s cameras following you everywhere. They said we could do whatever we wanted. As we were eating, Trevor told us that they would like us to head over to the inside of the bus for yet another round of filming.

Now inside, we were seated on the couch and a screen with other stories of bravery featured were directly in front of us. We watched a few of the clips (they were great), and then it was action. It was more or less the same questions – maybe varying a little, but not too much – as before. Then came the point when the cameras, for a brief period, came to a halt.

That’s when the Lady herself walked in to greet us, rocking the awesome lime-green wig that’s gotten an insane amount of hits on Gaga Daily. She was just as sweet as she seems, and at this point, she sat on my left. “How are you guys? It’s so good to meet you!” she then hugged me and my friend Brandon, and I’ll be honest, she gives the most amazing hugs ever. At this point, she wanted to know our stories.

I literally could write a novel on this subject, but in short, I was born with a birth defect. I’ve basically been wheelchair bound my entire life. A lot of my childhood memories consist of more than the two dozen surgeries I’ve had to endure (not to mention a few encounters with death on the way). Fast forward to the present, and I’m now faced with a double hip replacement at age 18. On top of it all, depression grabbed hold of me at a very young age – seven. What kind of first grader hates their body? I did, and as a matter of fact I still do. It’s a daily battle; at my lowest point, I would cry myself to sleep at night. My faith and Gaga’s music got me through it. It might sound strange, but I really do consider myself to be very blessed. I have the most amazing friends, doctors, caregivers, and family anyone could ever ask for. Honestly, if I could take a magic pill right now and be cured, I’d turn you away. Words cannot even begin to sum up the incredible relationships I have formed, out of all places, through the hospital. It’s a specialty hospital located in St. Paul whose fortè is treating people just like myself, and the first one ever established in the United States. We’ve laughed together, cried together, joked together. I know it sounds like I’m going off on a tangent here, but that’s where Gaga comes in.

The hospital started a campaign called “CurePity.” Self explanatory. I thought if by some crazy chance I could meet Gaga, I would have her sign the pledge. They’ve gotten other celebrities from the area to sign (Twins and Vikings players etc), but I wanted to take it to a whole new level.

One of the first things I asked Gaga was to sign. She simply said that she promised she would, and that it’s something she totally supports. She then proceeded to tell me, “you know, my fans always come to me and ask me about me and my music, but you came to me and all you want me to do is sign this. That is so fucking inspiring. When people see this, I think you’re going to inspire people and change a lot of people’s lives.”

I won’t speak too much about the details of my personal life, but we did go into deep detail about how hard it was to be “different” and being the “outcast” if you will. When I got to the topic of the hip replacement surgeries and experimental therapies, she told me something very personal, which was, “when you wake up tomorrow, Emma, I want you to look in the mirror and say ‘I’m not going to be in pain today.’ Keep telling it to yourself until it becomes true. And by the way, I have a feeling the (therapy) will take this time.” She mentioned a LOT of the details about what being bullied in school was like with her, and how she got through it. To lighten the mood a bit, I started talking about how we make jokes about myself and how I genuinely find it hilarious. At this point, I couldn’t resist – I opened up my Siri and said “Siri, what is my name?” to which she responded, “You’re Emma, but since we’re friends, I get to call you ‘Cripple Bitch.’ and Gaga literally laughed out loud. She thought that was great and she said, “I think it’s really cool that you can joke like that with your friends.”

We then changed up the subject a bit – you’ll get a kick out of this one! At the bus, Gaga Daily somehow got into the conversation (I think it was they had brought the carepackage onto the bus and she was like “Oh, they gave this to you?”). She again said that it was her favorite fan site, but she also said something really interesting, which was, “I’m especially on there if big news happens. If there’s something big going on, I will literally sit there and refresh the page countless times, and laugh about it, too. When we did ‘Cake,’ we literally cut that in five minutes – pretty much in one take – with Paul [DJ White Shadow] and you guys literally figured it out within 10 minutes. It was insane!”

Speaking of things you guys will get a kick out of… Brandon was talking about the tour and the setlist: “I was watching videos…” and Gaga cut him off very abruptly and responded with “Don’t watch videos of the show, it looks like shit!”

She also kissed me on both cheeks, hugged me about a dozen times and wouldn’t stop playing with my hair. She asked me where I got it cut and I said, “I know this sounds weird, but Wal-Mart!” She was really surprised by that answer and was like “Wow, I had no idea you could get a haircut at Wal-Mart. Must be a midwestern thing, but she did a great job.”

After the first hour, my friend Allie texted me and asked me to tell Gaga I love her. I had my phone on me at the time, and she saw it, to which she literally sat there with her long ass fingernails and wrote “i love you 2.” I then asked if they could come in, which of course she said yes. They were super starstruck at first, but just like she did with us, she asked them their names and hugged them.

Right before the two hours was up and her assistant was literally pulling her away, Gaga asked us where we were sitting and gave us upgraded seats – she also asked us if we would be interested in coming backstage after the show, to which we gave a resounding yes.

Now onto the concert, which was amazing, but there was one particular moment that had us all in awe. Right before “Born This Way” (acoustic), we were told that the winner for Virgin Mobile was being moved to our section – specifically on the balcony, which is the wheelchair accessible area. I thought, “That’s a little odd, but okay. We’ll roll with it.” Before the phone call, they gave each of us a free T-Shirt, which was totally awesome.

After talking with Chelsea (the winner), she began to sing, and then right before the bridge, she stopped to say the following: “I was at the Born Brave Bus for awhile and I met Emma and I met her friend Brandon. Are you there? Can you scream? Where are you? I proceeded to wave, and she said “Hey guys! I had so much fun with you today, and I just feel like, sometimes, my fans are so much braver than I am.” The spotlight then panned on me and all I could do was put my hands over my face. I was in shock – but it wasn’t over yet.

During the bridge, right before the line “whether life’s disabilities left you outcast, bullied or teased, baby you were born this way,” she again stopped and said “This one’s for you Emma. Because she told me that this one’s her favorite.” After singing that line, she said, “That’s why I wrote about her in this song, because my mom taught me to be brave. But not everybody, like, can rely on their parents, you know, so we have to rely on each other.”

Since you all know the rest of the show, I’ll move right onto backstage. When “Scheiße” started, security came up to us and said, “It’s time to go,” at which point we were escorted backstage. We hung out with Gaga’s assistant, Nick, Kayla, and Zilla for about an hour, munching on the food that they offered us.

Shortly before she came in, I told everyone to remain as calm as possible – and if you do get emotional, it’s okay, because she calms you down right away. Then she walked in and said hi to everyone. It seemed that everyone was starstruck but my group, being that we hung out with her before the show.

I’m going to jump around a bit and talk about the things that specifically pertain to me.

At the bus, she talked about how she’s always in pain from “dancing her ass off hard for two hours and 15 minutes every night.” That somehow got brought up again backstage and she was like “doesn’t your mom have pain issues too?” at which point she proceeded to jump in and say “personally, I think it’s all about diet. I eat no grains, no soy, nothing, I use almond flour instead and I feel so much better,” She seemed surprised and said “everything I eat has soy in it! Wow.” My mom kind of gave her the side-eye, and she then said “I’ll have to try almond flour.” Lane wrote it down on her notebook for her.

She then started talking about how when she was 19 trying to make it in the business with Starlight, they would go into clubs and light cans of aquanet on fire – and the club wasn’t so much worried for the safety of the people as they were burning the place down. My mom said, “good thing they’re only a dollar a can!” she laughed and high-fived her. She then told my mom “Mama, pour me some of that wine!” to which she obviously did.

Then, it was time for a group photo with Zilla, Kayla, Nick, and I. Gaga was sitting on the couch, and everyone (besides me) was kneeling on the floor for the photo. She then asked if we wanted individual ones too, and I got a picture with just Gaga and myself along with me, Gaga, and my group of friends.

After that was done, it was time to go. She hugged me one last time and said, “Bye Emma! Next time you’re here, make sure to let me know. I want to see you again.” As we were going down the hallway, I came super close to accidentally running her over and I kind of got freaked out. She acted like nothing happened and said “Roll on! Bye Emma!”

Hands down the nicest person I have ever met, in addition to one of the coolest experiences of my life. I will never forget this experience, and a huge thank you to Gaga and Gaga’s team for making this possible!

Nick’s Story

“I don’t speak American, but I can if you like!” Gaga performed “Scheiße,” and the monster pit was going absolutely insane. This is the biggest fan favorite from the album, and Gaga saved it for the second to last song. Once she was done, we left the pit and found some guards to talk with. There were several of them, and every one of them checked our backstage wristbands with their flashlights.

Once we were approved, we headed to the back of the arena and met with the other fans that were going backstage with us. In total, there were nine of us. A woman passed along an iPad and required us to enter our full names and email addresses. This would be used for sending the backstage photos since fans aren’t allowed to take the photos themselves. While we waited for each other to complete this process, we watched Gaga perform the closing number, “Marry the Night.” She did an acoustic version of the song and picked about 10 fans from the pit to bring on stage with her.

We were then escorted backstage with some of Gaga’s security staff. We probably passed by five guards before getting back there – the place was extremely secured. Once we got back there, we briefly chatted with the other fans who were meeting her. After finishing our water bottles provided by Gaga’s staff, we were escorted to a room. Emma and her family were already in a room back there, and since she’s also on the Gaga Daily team, we asked to be in the same room as Emma.

Emma’s family and the friends who were with her are honestly some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. We spent about 30 minutes with them before Gaga walked in. There was a ton of food in our room. It had a fridge filled with sparkling water and iced tea, fresh fruit and veggies with hummus, doritos, and a big container of assorted candy. We all snacked on the food while waiting for her to walk in.

Then it happened. She just walked in the room and said, “Okay, where are my Gaga Daily people?” We all sort of froze there as she walked up to give us all a hug. There was our idol standing there in the flesh. I stuttered when saying hi to her. After she said hello to us, she shut the door.

The first thing she talked about was her appreciation for Gaga Daily. She said, “I think Gaga Daily is my favorite fan site. The main reason for this is because it’s kept so clean. You guys do a really good job to make sure the website is professional for its viewers.” It was unreal to be thanked by Gaga for moderating the site, and we were flattered that she loves visiting it so much. We spend a lot more time working behind the scenes than most think, so to be thanked for all of that hard work meant the world to us.

Gaga also talked about one of the rules on the site called Flamebait. She actually referred to it as “the Flamebait rule” and said she likes how fans aren’t allowed to disrespect other artists. She wants to foster a fan base that appreciates all types of music and artists, so Gaga was very appreciative about how we have actually integrated a rule that supports mutual respect of other artists.

Gaga then wanted us to give some messages to the members on the site. She told us to tell all the fans not to be upset when someone doesn’t like her. “All legends were controversial” she said.

She also talked about how she still doesn’t own a house. She was telling us how her dad has been showing her some quotes for houses and how she could never commit money like that for a down payment. “I started freaking out when I realized how much the down payment would cost! I’ve never had to fork out a down payment, and I’m still not used to dealing with that much money!” Gaga said that she’ll only get a house if Taylor asks her to marry him, and said that she’d live in her house and just “be a badass.”

She did, however, call her dad on the day of the auction for Michael Jackson’s clothes. “Dad, I’m about to spend a lot of money…” – “On what…?” – “Clothes…” – “Oh, Gaga…” – “Michael Jackson’s clothes!” – “Oh, okay!”

She talked to us a lot about Michael Jackson. He’s definitely her biggest idol. Gaga said that, “He’s all I ever wanted to be.” She told us that’s why she spent all that money on his clothes at the auction. She said she’d much rather have Michael Jackson’s jacket hanging up in her hotel room while she dances around like a sixteen year old girl than own a house.”

Gaga also talked to us abou ARTPOP. We aren’t going to give too much away, but she said that when her songs are on the radio again, people will think, “Wow, is this really Lady Gaga? She’s really matured.” From what we were told, you guys are in for quite the experience wit ARTPOP.

Gaga also told us to tell Gaga Daily that she’s sorry for making the fans wait for so long. However, she also told us that some fans don’t realize how much work she’s doing on this album, and she assured us that great works take time. She wasn’t necessary irritated with the fans’ impatience, but she definitely wanted to communicate how much work she’s putting into the creation o ARTPOP.

I proceeded to tell Gaga that it’s incredible how all of us know each other through her. I told her how all of us have become amazing friends, and we wouldn’t have known each other if it weren’t for her. She seemed really touched.

She was such an easy person to talk to. While we were sitting, Gaga was standing in the middle of the room, making eye contact whenever someone spoke to her. Whenever she thought something was funny, she would laugh and walk over and give you a hug, or sit in your lap. She kept giving Emma noogies and was playing with her hair off and on throughout the night.

I was truthfully impressed with how genuine Gaga is with her fans. While most of our encounter was upbeat and joyful, there were times when things got pretty emotional. There was a time when Gaga started crying, wiping the tears from her eyes she said, “I just love my fans so much.” It was one of the most touching moments of my entire life. I’ll remember it forever.

After talking about ARTPOP, we were discussing how music is kind of boring right now. Gaga thinks the problem with modern artists is that they’re “afraid to get their hands dirty.”

We talked about a lot of stuff during our time with Gaga. None of us bothered checking the time (because obviously we were having the moment of our lives) but apparently we had taken up longer than what was scheduled. Most meet and greets last ten or twenty minutes tops. We had already been with Gaga for over an hour. She really is a chatterbox. If it hadn’t been for the meet and greet coordinator cutting us off, Gaga probably would have spent another hour or two with us. She said she was tired, but she was having such a good time that nothing else seemed to matter.

In reflection, I think the most surprising thing about the meetup was how little starstruck I felt. I talked about the initial shock when she first walked in, but after that it faded very quickly. I genuinely felt like when she walked in the room, we already knew her, and she already knew us. It was like a reunion of friends who hadn’t seen each other in a long time. The fact that she was standing by me for most of the night didn’t even faze me. I’m guessing this is because she’s so natural and down to earth. She doesn’t act like most celebrities- she acts like she’s your friend. She even told us, “Whenever I get to meet fans, I almost feel like I’m meeting a celebrity!”

As we said our final goodbyes, we thanked her one last time as we watched her leave the room and go away. The entire experience was so surreal. When we were walking out of the venue, we felt like the whole thing was a dream. “Did that really happen?” I asked Kayla.

From what I’ve heard, fans always say to start writing things down the second you leave your backstage meetup otherwise you’ll start forgetting things fst. I told this to Steph and Kayla, and we immediately began drafting voice notes on our cell phones. We wanted to recover every single last memory from the experience, since we realized that it was the best moment of our lives.

Jenna's story:

After Marry the Night ended the security guards let us down the hallway where we walked a little bit through the garage where I knew the trucks were, then we were brought down the hallway of the backstage and stopped in an area before a black curtain. We could see behind the black curtain where the dancers dressing room was. We waited in this area for about an hour and a half- where some guards brought us water and we talked to the guards for while too, they were really funny and the two guards kept making jokes to each other. Christine and I were so exhausted we ended up falling asleep for a little bit on the floor. Christine even charged her iphone in the backstage hallway. So you know how long we actually had to wait there.. Christine’s phone was at 0% and she unplugged it eventually and it was at 78%. Soon we were led further down the hallways where there was another black curtain that Pete (I think) sat next to- to make sure it was always closed. We were then sat down again on the floor on the opposite side of the black curtain. While we sat there we watched a girl carry out Gaga’s pictures from her dressing room (the ones of Taylor and her). And they brought us beverages we could chose from- (vitamin water, figi water, yellow Gatorade or coca cola zero) Christine and I both chose Coke.

After waiting in that area for an hour we were told to stand up because Gaga was coming. We didn’t really have time to think until the black curtain parted and there was little Gaga. She was wearing her brown detective hat, longgg red nails, a black blazer, black matching pants, and some shiny black flat loafer things that had little tassels on them. She came in and gave us all a hug, and she took a picture with all of us, and told Christine that she missed her. Then she came and gave me the key holder necklace- it was so surreal. Then she said, “since you’re my key holder you get to ask me a question.&rdquo And I asked her how she chose the Limelite UVglo hair. And she told us that she chose it because she wants to make the last part of the tour very filthy and basically make it stand out.. like she did a lot of new things at the show that we just saw.. and that she had a meat bikini, and maybe a new song to play soon (I think)

Then she sat down in a chair in front of us and I sat on her right and Christine sat on her left, the others sat in front of her. I don’t even know the order of the things we talked about but I think we began with asking how she was and what the emotion during the edge of glory was about She just said she missed her family and that Tara was very sick (she almost broke down saying this) Christine and I put our hands on her back to comfort her. And she said that Tara was there but she wasn’t doing good. t some point we took out the book and gave it to her.. and she said wow it was really good and that it came at just the right time in her life because right now the tour is really making her bones hurt so the book will give her the encouragement to finish the tour strong.

She also said that while writing Born This Way she was very sad because of drinking problems, and she wrote Born This Way to help her and make herself feel better, but now as she’s making ARTPOP she is much happier. She said that ARTPOP will sound more pop-like with dirty dance type music. She said she knew we went through so much with Born This Way because of the controversy- and she went on to say that there will probably be a lot of hate towards ARTPOP because it’s going to be so good. She said ARTPOP will be her best album ever and she will probably never make anything better than ARTPOP. We asked her if the pressure for ARTPOP is too much for her, and she said it was a good thing because it makes her work harder. And Gaga described it as a “phoenix rising from the ashes.” Oh and one last thing about ARTPOP- she’s been making it since Born This Way was released- and that many new fans will be created because ARTPOP will be so good (me thinking: NOOOOOO there’s already enough of us).

Then somehow we got to talking about betrayal.. like P.erez and her friend who is suing her for $400,000 dollars. She said she doesn’t feel sad about who saying things about her.. she thinks it’s funny- then she did a really funny & deep fake laugh(like HUAH HAUH HAUHH HAH). Then Lane was like “Yea who’s so childish don’t pay attention to him.” Or something like that And Gaga wanted us to tell the monsters that she doesn’t want us to pay any attention or get mad at Perez Hilton for what he’s doing- we should just laugh at him- as she does. She told us that the whole thing with him started after they were in Australia together- doing some kind of documentary thing? And she said they were doing an interview thing and he started asking her a bunch of personal questions while the camera was rolling.. and Gaga didn’t want to answer them.. but he wouldn’t turn the camera off.. and it got to the point where Tara had to come in and physically pull the plug on the camera, that’s when he changed and got thirsty for the Fame. And Gaga said at one point he even texted her some mean thing (it was something like “How do you like that.. blah blah blah some article about her). And she said when he went on Ellen or something he talked about how he really loved Born This Way and then Gaga was actually proud of him and she thought he was changed... but then he just went back to saying things about her.

Then she went on to say that she was really hurt by her friend who was suing her.. because they used to be best friends who hung out on Stanton street together- like super close, you know? And that she used to take Gaga’s store discounts and buy stuff And Gaga said something about how that bitch is gonna get totally beat in court, and how she’d rather be spending that 400,000 that she wants on her friends medical bills (Tara).

We then went on to talk about Madonna and Gaga said “I know she hates me but I don’t give a ****!” And gaga was like “She’s just waiting for me to strike another pose.” Then she moved her arms and held them to make different positions. I really don’t remember everything we talked about concerning Madonna. It was basically like “I don’t give a **** what she thinks about me” sort of thing

Then Christine showed and told Gaga some things about other fans. And Gaga told us that she was very proud of all the monsters. Then Christine told her about how she should do something special at the Montreal show because it will be the 2 year anniversary since Born This Way the single, 3 year anniversary since McQueen passed, and 1 year anniversary since Whitney passed. And Gaga said “Oh Shit! I didn’t even realize!” Then she thought that at the Grammys last year they shouldn’t have done the red carpet because they should have been mourning for Whitney- she thought it was disrespectful that they still did the red carpet. Then Christine told her that she should bring back princess die, or do an acoustic of Dance in the Dark. And she said, “you know Asiel(I think) mentioned that to me not that long ago) about doing an acoustic of Dance in the Dark. That’s crazy!” (or something like that because Christine thought of the same thing).

Then Christine told her about the girl (Jamie) who was first in line for Toronto and that she’d been camping out since Saturday. And Gaga said “Tell her to be careful.” I think she said this because of the 8am rule and disqualification or the cold. Then we said goodbye to her and I gave her one last hug. During the time we were talking to her Lane was like “Gaga we need to go,” like 3 different times.. but Gaga just kept talking. I felt that Gaga needed to vent out to us and that she truly didn’t want to go. Things I noticed about Gaga: she was wearing that hat.. AGAIN, she had a fake mole on the right side of her cheek, she had little makeup on (just a little line of eyeliner below her eyes), she was wearing deep red/maroon lipstick and her lips looked very very dry. It looked like she had a light spray tan (she looks lighter onstage because of the lights), she’s actually quite tan. She was so tiny and shorter than me- I’m 5’3”. Her smile was so beautiful.