For the two other ONTD members who've heard of Radha Mitchell

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Executive producer and writer, Melissa Rosenberg (Dexter, Twilight) has teamed up with Howard Klein (The Office, Parks & Recreation) and Endemol Studios (Hell On Wheels) to bring a new thriller to ABC title Red Widow.

Adapted from the Dutch TV series  Penoza Red Wido follows Marta Walraven, a Northern California suburban housewife attempting to cope with the death of her drug dealing husband, who was gunned down in their driveway .  Left to fend for herself and her children, Marta is forced to join the family’s organized crime business — the same one she tried so hard to distance herself from. If you’re thinking Weeds meets Sopranos, your in the ball park. 

Red Widow  stars Radha Mitchell (Marta Walraven), Sterling Beaumon (Gabriel Walvren), Clifton Colling Jr. (FBI Agent Romos), Suleka Mathew (Dina), and Goran Visnjic (Christian Schiller).

ABC ordered eight episodes of the series with the two-hour premier airing March 9th on the network. Here's a sneak peak of  Red Widow  below...


Good for Melissa Rosenberg! I don't watch network television, but I'll be supporting Radha in spirit! Glad she's is getting work! According to IMDB, she has a ton of movies slated to come out this year. I LOVED her in High Art!