Guess Who 2: Double Trouble


It's Eric Ripert & Anthony Bourdain who just did a show at the douche-palace off Strip casino known as the Palms. After the show, they showed up at Moon for the people who bought $200 meet and greet passes (my broke ass thankfully won them @ Barnes & Noble) to get stuff signed and take pictures.  

The show basically consisted of them reading each other, dragging other chefs, general chatting and taking audience questions.

Things I learned:

-Anthony Bourdain is friends with Ted Nugent. For the most part, they're ideological opposites, but share a love of BBQ and Beer.

-Their last meal would be having sushi at Jiro's in Japan

-Both of them have eaten Ortolan Bunting, which is prepared this way:

For centuries, a rite of passage for French gourmets has been the eating of the Ortolan. These tiny birds—captured alive, force-fed, then drowned i Armagnac—were roasted whole and eaten that way, bones and all, while the diner draped his head with a linen napkin to preserve the precious aromas and, some believe, to hide from God.

-If Anthony had to be stranded on a desert island with a chef, it'd be Mario Batali.  Or Rocco Dispirito because he's attractive and they would fuck.

-Eric Ripert has an old picture of him standing naked with a blender over his cock and balls, which they brought out (yet I cannot find on the internet) along with this one we all know

-Anthony had Eric eat a Vegas specialty--a Deep Fried Twinkie--blindfolded.  He could not figure out what it was, as it tasted like shit to him.

Source: Me & My Shitty Camera Phone