Madonna Auctions MDNA Tour Outfits for charity/Russia won't punish her for Supporting Gays

Madonna's getting into the giving groove.
The Material Girl has agreed to donate a slew of her MDNA tour outfits and props to an auction to help raise money to benefit the victims of Superstorm Sandy.
Madonna's publicist, Liz Rosenberg, confirmed to E! News that the 54-year-old "Dress You Up" singer plans to give a variety of items from her latest blockbuster road show, including the majorette costume and other mementos she wore onstage.

This isn't the first time she's pitched in. Just two weeks after the hurricane ravaged the East Coast, the Queen of Pop's tour stopped in Manhattan where she announced she was baring her backside for storm victims and urged her audience to throw money onstage to help with the fundraising efforts. Madonna also made a pilgrimage to the Rockaways to see the devastation wrought by Sandy firsthand and meet with families affected by the storm.
While the hitmaker's charitable efforts will no doubt put a smile on those in need, Madonna also received some welcome news herself today after an appeals court in St. Petersburg Russia upheld a lower court's decision to reject an $11 million suit filed against her after she was alleged to have violated a local law banning homosexual "propaganda."
Per Bloomberg, the St. Petersburg City Court affirmed a Nov. 22 district court opinion against nine local residents who accused Madonna of unlawfully promoting a gay agenda during a concert there last August.