Emma and Andrew DNW the paps, Feb. 5th

 photo emma-stone-andrew-garfield-amazing-spider-man-2-begins-production_zpsebecbbb1.jpg

Emma Stone holds a cup of coffee while out and about on Tuesday (February 5) in New York City.

The 24-year-old actress was warmed up by her bundled up boyfriend Andrew Garfield.

Emma and Andrew‘s upcoming film The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has officially gone into production with their director Marc Webb posting a pic and tweeting, “Day 1. #anamorphic #film #philthecameraoperator.”

 photo emma-stone-andrew-garfield-amazing-spider-man-2-begins-production-01_zpsa2f47c07.jpg

 photo emma-stone-andrew-garfield-amazing-spider-man-2-begins-production-02_zps6dd5e94b.jpg

 photo emma-stone-andrew-garfield-amazing-spider-man-2-begins-production-03_zpsb6cbb669.jpg

 photo emma-stone-andrew-garfield-amazing-spider-man-2-begins-production-07_zps655062b6.jpg

 photo emma-stone-andrew-garfield-amazing-spider-man-2-begins-production-09_zpse05133e4.jpg

 photo emma-stone-andrew-garfield-amazing-spider-man-2-begins-production-13_zpsddb27f6f.jpg

ETA: Now with pap video - thanks stevenhyde! Apparently they were leaving Upper Westside Church. Emma gets in a taxi at the end, but not Andrew.


I think the pictures are cute, in a weird way. I'm torn between loving Emma's outfit and thinking it's boring, lol. I do love her boots, though. Also, I checked the OLV website a couple of days ago and they were filming in Bethpage, on Long Island, at Grumman Studios... so, if you live there, you might want to look out for them, maybe!