New "Star Trek Into Darkness" Images

Remember when the little Star Trek sequel releasing this year was the big thing from J.J. Abrams? That changed last month with the announcement that the director would next tackle Star Wars, and yesterday’s announcement of a partnership with Valve was the icing on the cake.

But there’s still Star Trek Into Darkness to come before we see the fruit of Abrams’ new deals, and the second Trek movie from Abrams still looks like it could be one of the year’s more entertaining tentpoles. A few new images have cropped up today, and while none features any big reveal, there are a couple good shots. Those poor redshirts escorting Benedict Cumberbatch can’t be in for a good fate. Usually we’d worry most about the redshirts on an away mission, but it’s probably reasonable to expect that Cumberbatch’s character John Harrison is one of those guys who is just as dangerous when captured as he is running free.