Taylor Swift's iPhone is hacked, should've got a DROIIIIID


"The famous singer Taylor Swift had her iPhone hacked Monday and a sex tape between her and former boyfriend Harry Styles has been leaked on theInternet," reads a scam message spotted this week on the social network b HoaxSlayer n Bitdefender.

If this all sounds familiar, it may be because almost exactly the same thing happened more than two years with another pop idol — Miley Cyrus.

"Taylor's publicists are trying to take down all of the websites hosting it, but we found a working one! Watch the video before it's taken down!" Then as now, clicking on the video link doesn't show you anything salacious. Instead, you'll be drawn into a morass of surveys and scams that may ask you for your email address, your mobile-phone number and your name and address, or offer you dodgy-looking games and browser toolbars.

Providing any of the information required guarantees that you'll be at a higher risk for spam emails, fraudulent premium text-message services, identity theft or even malware.

As always on Facebook, or on any website, be very wary of anything that seems too good to be true — and don't download anything that you don't expect, such as a purported video-player update or a browser toolbar. Best of all, install anti-virus software and keep it updated. It won't stop you from giving up your email address, but it will protect your computer even if you can't.