Doritos to launch Taco Bell-inspired chips

The symbiotic relationship continues! After Taco Bell launches a Doritos taco, the chips are trying to bring that same flavor to nacho chips

The Doritos Locos Taco Supreme. A new chip would capture this same flavor combination.

Doritos is planning to develop a chip flavor inspired by Taco Bell, following on the heels of the fast food chain's most successful product launch in company history: taco shells made with Doritos nacho chips.

You could call it a mutually beneficial relationship. The snack food giant is hoping to capitalize on Taco Bell's success - they sold 300 million Locos Tacos -- and launch a limited-edition Taco Bell-inspired nacho this spring.

The chips will be nacho and taco flavored.

Similarly, Taco Bell also has plans to launch a taco made with Cool Ranch-flavored Doritos chips later this year.

Creating shells made from the ultra-cheesy nacho chips is an idea that's long been floating around among taco lovers. A Facebook group created in 2009 called itself the Taco Shells Made From Doritos Movement.

Meanwhile, last year Lay's also debuted a cheeseburger-flavored chip in the US with its Stax brand, while its British equivalent offers roast chicken.


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