Like a sky-scraperrrrrrrrr

Demi Lovato in Cosmo on Campus.
By Christina Garibaldi


She told the magazine that she has spent this last year focusing on herself and "not focusing on guys," although she admits she's ready to get back in the dating game.

"Now I'm in a place where I can finally trust and love and be a better person for the man I am in a relationship with," Lovato revealed. "Instead of being a clingy girlfriend or getting jealous."

However, Lovato does have a warning for all her potential suitors. "I'm a southern Texas girl. I have a really strong personality —' I speak my mind and I don't hold back," Lovato said. "I'm the type of woman who doesn't put up with bullsh--, so when I date I have to find someone who won't either. I don't think any woman should ever hold back what she's really thinking."

And after spelling out her dating terms, Lovato had some sage advice for all her Lovatics also looking for love.

"It is very unhealthy when girls devote all of their time to a guy and forget their friends and family. I did that. I was always looking for distractions because I was so afraid of being alone."

The spring 2013 issue of Cosmo on Campus is on newsstands now.


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