Lil Kim Shows Off Drastic New Face, Spurs Talk of Plastic Surgery
Hmmm…something looks a li'l different about Lil' Kim these days, huh?
The pint-size rapper debuted a very new, shall we say, look earlier this week that immediately sent the Twitterverse aflutter over what exactly she might have had done to her face—and whether she might actually be a long-lost Jackson sibling.
Yep, folks: Crank up those plastic-surgery rumors to 10. Among the drastic changes, the "Get Money" rapper flaunted noticeably contoured eyes, plump cheeks, a fairer complexion and a pinched nose.
The only throwback to her original look? Her signature beauty mark above her lip...and her signature 'tude, natch. Plastic-surgery chatter is nothing new for the Dancing With the Star alum, whose pneumatically impressive lady lumps have secured their vaunted place in the MTV Video Music Awards' hall of infamy.



She used to be so hot once upon a time :(