Chris Brown 'Deserves Respect,' Says Chris Brown

Singer posts online rant following latest media backlash

Just to recap: In 2009, Chris Brown beat Rihanna's face to a bloody pulp. Though for that crime, he was sentenced to community service, which, it has now come to light he fraudulently bailed on, he commemorated the incident b tattooing it to his neck. Shortly thereafter he threw a bare-chested temper tantrum o Good Morning America. Over the summer, he got in scuffle with Drake, reportedly concerning Rihanna, in a New York City night club. Meanwhile he failed a drug test, violating the terms of his probation. On Halloween 2012, he and his poss dressed as Arab terrorists. In November, he started sexist Twitter war ith a female comedian. Last week, h assaulted Frank Ocean in a parking lot, and someone in his camp used a homophobic slur and threatened to kill the singer. Then, h compared himself to Jesus. And, at least lately, he's been able to find solace from all thi in the arms of Rihanna, the woman who started this ugly news cycle by getting her face in the way of his fists. But this man still deserves your respect, because this man says so.

In a rant posted to his now-private Instagram account, Brown says enough is enough with the media backlash MTV News as the screen shot, which we've transcribed (in its creatively punctuated glory) below.

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