The Wanted's Nathan Sykes and Dionne Bromfield get close in the ocean

Dionne Bromfield and The Wanted star Nathan Sykes out themselves as a couple during a romantic holiday in the Caribbean.

The two teen stars were snapped sharing kisses and cuddles as they splashed around in the surf at the Buccament Bay Resort on the sun-kissed island of St Vincent.

And Dionne, 17, has never looked happier, clinging onto the 19-year-old's back as they relaxed in the water - before drying out in the sand in a strapless peach, grey and black bikini.

It's not the first clue the couple were dating - they hinted there was an attraction when they were spotted snogging at a concert last July.

But there hasn't been a peep out of them since - and devoted fans of the 19-year-old are already reeling at the news he's romantically attached, sharing their shock on social media sites.

Nathan himself took to Twitter this morning and seemingly confirmed the relationship is for real - telling followers: "Rule #1 nothing is private in the music industry haha."

Days before her rendez-vous with Nathan, Dionne took time out of her holiday to visit neighbouring St Lucia, where her late godmother Amy Winehouse spent time before her sudden death in 2011.

Amy helped guide the young star earlier in the career, signing her to her Lionness record label.

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