Edgar Wright's teenage TV appearances

[From his blog] My oh my. A good fellow by the name of Tom Haigh at the ITV archive sprung a surprise by unearthing five clips of me as teenage amateur film-maker on various shows.

First up, here’s me with the very fragrant Jenny Powell on Tyne Tee’s ‘Gimme Five’. I travelled up to Newcastle with my good friend Martin Curtis to show our short ‘Help!’ which I made at the age of 18. Please note the rainbow lines of VHS crash editing on every single cut and also my outrageously arrogant answer to the question; “So anyone can do it?”.

Myself & Martin are playing much too cool for school. We secretly had the raging hots for Jenny.

The next year I was asked back to Newcastle and this time they showed clips of my short ‘Infra Red Fred’ which is bit like a proto version of ‘Click’ and apparently a lot like a Benny Hill sketch I must have subconsciously stolen from. They don’t show the whole piece, but it’s worth watching for my weird angry face I pull at the end. What was I thinking?

This in depth profile with a girly voiced young film maker was as a result of entering into the Co-Op Young People’s Film Festival a few years in a row. My interviewer was a lady called Georgey Spanswick.

This piece includes clips from the video8 version of ‘A Fistful Of Fingers’ which I shot with schoolfriends in the summer of 1992. I do like to complain a lot about how long it takes to make movies.

After appearing on ‘Going Live!’ and ‘Gimme Five’, I was asked to be an ‘expert’ on Yorkshire TV’s ‘Brill’. I wanted to talk about amateur film-making but they wanted to focus on home-made special effects and make up. Which as you can see from the show, is not my forte.

Presenter John Eccleston was also a puppeteer for Henson’s and I later worked with him on the ‘French & Saunders’ Titanic special when the Leprechauns from ‘Live & Kicking made’ an appearance.

On this show we could not say ‘vomit’ or ‘spew’, so the odd alternative of ‘huey’ was used instead. Huey.

Behold a clip of me on the pilot for ‘Hot Shots’, a vehicle for the late Jeremy Beadle that was a spin off from ‘You’ve Been Framed’. Viewers could win 500 quid with a comedy sketch or clip. I sent in my 1992 hour long video version of ‘A Fistful Of Fingers’ they edited it into a trailer and dubbed on some uproarious laughter from the audience. Check out my extremely short interview right here.

This final and very short clip of me was part of a late night report on the zero budget film scene in mid nineties London. By the year 1996 I had moved to the capital and apparently decided that an orange shirt and goatee was a good look. I do not know what is going on with my voice. I may have had a sore throat or been hungover or maybe I was trying to sound more like my more worldly peers.

This contains a clip of the 16mm version of ‘A Fistful Of Fingers’.

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