Guess Who?

guess who


meg tilly

I mentioned in a FFA last week she was coming to my work and I figured people would be interested in this!

Meg is super hot omg, and I totally want her haircut. She came in this morning (it's a school) to do a reading from her new book for kids, A Taste of Heaven. She super animated, and did an amazing and LOUD reading. She also told stories about her childhood, about making a poo pie in kindergarten, a baby deer she had as a pet, how she didn't go to grade 3, and answered questions about Agnes of God, her sister Jennifer and how they went to her first premiere together and screamed during the movie every time she popped up, and other cool stuff, like how she doesn't know if she messed up her kids by staying home with them all these years so that her boys expect their wives to have hot breakfasts for them every morning, etc.

I got her to sign her book, but she signed everyone's so that wasn't special. The damn snobby junior teachers monopolized her at lunch, so I couldn't get a pic with her until after when she was leaving :( And no ONTD sign either, too many judgy bitches around. I really really wanted to ask her what it was like to bang Colin Firth but I also like not to be fired. I also acted like a moron, but that's nothing new.

ETA: I added a video of her talking about something tv that she ends up comparing with Friends and everyone was like OH YEAH I LIKE FRIENDS. 11 year olds are slow.

Source: Myself, no friends on no bikes.