So How Does THE HULK Fit Into Marvel's Phase 2 AND 3? (Major Spoilers for Avengers 2 if true)

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Elmayimbe finally dropped his big Marvel Superbowl scoop in the form of a video blog. Want to know how the Green Goliath fits into Marvel's phase 2 plans - and beyond? Read on, but be warned, if this is accurate it is a MAJOR SPOILER for the end of Avengers 2 ...

Okay, the long and the short of it is: According to Elmayimbe, at the end of Avengers 2, The Hulk will be launched into space by the MCU incarnation of The Illuminati! He says this will actually lead to a Planet Hulk solo movie in Phase 3. Pretty incredible eh? But that's not all! Elmayimbe then says that Avengers 3 will see The big green fella return to Earth, and focus on the comic book storyline WORLD WAR HULK

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We can't be certain that all or any of this is true of course, but Latino Review are right more often that they are wrong and there is no doubt Marvel consider them major annoyances with their constant scoopage, so that's good enough for us. What do you think of these future plans for The Hulk?


Here's the original post from elmayimbe, which includes a vid of him revealing this in front of the Marvel Headquarters in New York. ;)