Japanese actress Riisa Naka criticizes AKB48's "dehumanizing" dating ban

Actress Riisa Naka (23) took to twitter to express her outrage over the dating ban imposed on AKB48 members.

The latest scandal engulfing the group involves Minami Minegishi (20), who shaved her hair in penance for breaking AKB48's dating rules after it was reported by tabloid Shukan Bunshun that she had spent the night at her boyfriend's place. Naka publicly criticized the no-dating rule through a series of tweets.

"I feel bad that (Minegishi) can't experience dating like any other normal person. That much she should be allowed, she's human after all," wrote the actress.

"Idols should only be expected to be idols when they're on TV. If you can't respect someone's privacy then you have no business calling yourself a fan," Naka also said.

When asked by her followers what she would do if her agency tried to impose a dating ban on her, Naka candidly answered "I would disregard it entirely, lol."

"You only live once so I say make the most of it!! A dating ban is a dehumanizing rule," she added.

source: Yahoo! Japan
translation: baboona

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