Season 2 of 'Lab Rats' Premieres on...

Monday Feb. 25  (9:00-9:30 p.m., ET/PT), EW has learned.  
In the season premiere, “Speed Trapped,” Adam, Bree, and Chase sneak out to meet Marcus (Mateus Ward) in Davenport’s (Hal Sparks) new self-driving sports car. When Leo tries to stop them, his nemesis Marcus traps him inside the car and programs it to take him on a wild, high-speed ride bound for the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. 
...beginning Saturday, Feb. 9, will post “Lab Rats: Who Is Marcus?,” a short-form series that gives a sneak peek at Leo’s video logs, in which he’s trying to uncover the truth about Mission Creek High School’s creepiest new student.  
...on the the same day as the premiere “Lab Rats: Leo’s Stealth Ops,” a new online game inspired by Tyrel Jackson Williams, will launch, along with behind-the-scenes videos.
Does anyone else watch this show? It's decent: Wizards of Waverly Place quality when it was good.
Plus, it has Hal Sparks in a recurring role.
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