Elementary: Previewing The Post-Super Bowl Episode!!!! and More New Promo Pics Of 'Details' Episode

The coveted post-Superbowl timeslot goes to Elementary this year. The new episode will feature Holmes and Watson trying to track down a killer in Manhattan with the help of an FBI agent who has knowledge of the suspect.

This episode will feature Martin Ennis (Terry Kinney) escaping from prison during a medical procedure to give his dying sister a kidney, just to go on a killing spree.

"He's probably one of the worst guys we've had on," says star Jonny Lee Miller, "So the episode is kind of like our show with an injection — like our show on steroids."

Holmes and Watson will also have some unwanted help from an FBI agent (Kari Matchett) who has written a book about Ennis and also has knowledge about Holmes himself. "She predicted some of his character flaws and his struggle with addiction," says Miller, "that really, really bugs him."

In a recent interview with creator and executive producer Robert Doherty, he talked about how lucky he was with the casting of his show. "I was a tremendous fan of Johnny's work. I was a tremendous fan of Lucy's work," he says. "And to be able to zero in on these two people that you greatly admire and respect and know would be perfect for your show and actually get them, that's rare."

Doherty also went on to mention how Holmes may react to the return of his arch-nemesis Moriarty. "Moriarty is a real physical and psychological threat," says Doherty. "When he presents himself it's going to be a tremendous challenge for Holmes. I think Sherlock will see red for a while. And that's dangerous, that's a dangerous place for him to be."

Elementary will immediately follow the Superbowl on CBS Sunday night.

I feel so giddy right now!