MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS: New Promo Images Of Hot Toys' 'Black Widow' Collectible Figure

Characterized as a world class athlete and gymnast, Black Window is benefited by expertise in a number of martial arts, marksmanship, the utilization of myriad weapons, and espionage training. Originally introduced as Tony Stark’s new personal assistant, Natalie Rushman, the Black Widow infiltrates Stark Industries on behalf of S.H.I.E.L.D. as a means of accessing Stark’s effectiveness as Iron Man. Working alongside Happy Hogan, Black Widow easily trounces Justin Hammer’s entire security force, although she fails to reach Ivan Vanko before the latter evacuates the facility in his own specialized armor to face War Machine and Iron Man in the movie’s final battle. In the aftermath, Tony Stark learns that the Black Widow has recommended that he be disallowed from the Avengers roster, prompting Nick Fury to offer Stark a consultant position. Black Window travels to Calcutta to recruit the Hulk, and fights alongside the Avengers in the final battle with Chitauri invaders.

that cleavage thoCollapse )

some of these looks like they are the outtakes of THE AVENGERS XXX parody video