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Natalie Dormer Opens Up About The Tudors & Anne Boleyn in New Book

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Natalie Dormer has personally opened up about her time filming The Tudors and her struggle to ensure Anne Boleyn had a respectful interpretation in Susan Bordo's new book The Creation of Anne Boleyn (to be released April 9th).

The Game of Thrones actress gets candid about the Showtime series, her fight to guarantee The Tudors' interpretation didn't veer into caricature, and how important it was to portray the character from a feminist standpoint.

Excerpts of her discussion with Bordo:

Natalie discusses hair color, her personal mission to educate the audience of Anne Boleyn's legacy and becoming a role model for womenCollapse )

Source, excerpts come from the book The Creation of Anne Boleyn.

This was great interview. I really respect Natalie for refusing to let this portrayal of Anne Boleyn be one-dimensional.
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