Matt Davis Uses Stefan, Elena, and Damon Fanfiction to Raise Awareness About Rhinos


Though his Vampire Diaries fanfiction is usually — how shall we say this — risqué, Matt Davis (Alaric Saltzman) recently decided to use his talents for a good cause. 

Matt’s been tweeting up a storm about endangered rhino species. According to The World Wildlife Fund,
the horned mammals face threats from habitat loss as well as poachers.
Their site says that though trading rhino horns has been banned
internationally, poachers still sell
them on the black
market, especially in Vietnam, “where there is a newly emerged belief
that rhino horn cures cancer. Rhino horn is also used in other
traditional Asian medicine to treat a variety of ailments including
fever and various blood disorders. It is also used by wealthy Asian as a
cure for hangovers.”

Th Cul star was recently inspired to spread the word about the endangered and vulnerable rhinos through his fanfiction, starrin Stefan Paul Wesley) Elena Nina Dobrev), an Damon Ian Somerhalder). The former Ripper sits on the couch, in tears, after watching a special on the National Geographic Channel. Here’s a taste: 

Stefan: eople believe that ground up Rhino horn taken in pill form gives them sexual power.
Elena Really? Do you think it works?
Stefan That’s
not the point, Elena! The point is these beautiful, majestic animals
are being poached into extinction over voodoo Viagra! Superstitious

Elena comes off a bit judgey, but, hey. It’s for a good cause. 

Check out Matt’s fanfi here, and read more on endangered rhino here.


Star Trek did it first, but it's still for a good cause.
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