James St. James & Sharon Needles "PG-13" Album Listening Party

Sharon Needles discusses the inspiration behind his first single, "This Club Is A Haunted House", off his new album "PG-13" with the legendary James St. James - based on his first club visit to a Susanne Bartsch party. Needles also discusses his reluctance to be a role model for the younger LGBT, particulary the much overlooked Q in LGBQT; working with Amanda LePore, getting RuPaul to satirize the classic track "Supermodel" as well as his drinking problems on the track "Drink till I Die".
A stand out track on the album is his cover of Ministry's 1984 single "(Every Day Is) Halloween", which is a reference to goth subculture, particularly clothing, such as in the passage "I dress this way just to keep them at bay." It also questions the intolerance and lack of acceptance for others who are different.

Stupid, spooky & catchy.