NFL Star Marries 6-Year Old

Oh, to have a childhood celebrity crush in the age of Twitter.

When Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt saw a Youtube video of 6-year-old Breanna crying – in it, she says wishes she was 25 so she could marry the NFL star – he took matters into his own hands.

"Does anyone happen to know this cute little girl? We have to find her and turn those tears into a smile," the 23-year-old professional athlete Tweeted Monday.


Two days later, Watt did just that and more.

Not only did he meet his little fan, but he also made her wish come true with a special proposal. "Thanks to your help, we found 6-year-old Breanna and she said yes to being my pretend wife for the day," he Tweeted with a series of photos of their meeting.

Last summer, NFL running back Brandon Jacobs also made the day of another young fan in a major way. He treated 6-year-old Joseph Armento to a bounce house outing after Armento sent him the contents of his piggybank in an effort to help the athlete to return to the New York Giants.

NFL players with big hearts for the win!


* Just a little something to brighten your day :) And I had to do the title like that, like when am I really going to get another chance?