30 Rock Who? Let's Talk About Happy Endings

A few weeks back, Mark-Paul Gosselaar (aka Zack Morris aka Peter Bash aka My Future Best Friend) appeared on Happy Endings as Max’s new, super cool, hot-tub-having, cable-package-upgrading roommate. As we discussed at the time, the episode ended with his character vowing to get revenge on Max after the gang accidentally (and unknowingly) spilled the beans that he was using the apartment as a big city love shack to boink a bunch of women who were not technically his wife. We all wondered at the time if that meant he was coming back, and sure enough, he is, later this season. HuffPo’s Maureen Ryan has the details in a post titled “Why You Should Watch Happy Endings.”

Mark Paul Gosselaar, who’s carved out a nice comedy career for himself (he was also very funny on “Don’t Trust the B”), will return as Chase, who wants to ruin his former roommate Max’s life, but then he “realizes Max may not have a life to ruin. So Max, resenting this, begins to build a life, with Jane’s help. But only for an episode — he’ll still be Max,” Groff said. [HuffPo]

Given Tuesday’s excellent prank-related episode, he may want to be careful about all that. You really don’t want to cross Max. You could end up getting slimed, or shot with paintballs, or confused about your ancestry, or glued to a toilet, or, well, getting slimed again. And you really don’t want to cross Alex, now that we know what we know about her. Watch out for that tiny pyscho, Mark-Paul.

In addition to video games, couch-friendly food, and not grooming, Max Blum is a lover of sports. But how far is he willing to go in the name of fandom? In an upcoming episode of ABC’s screwy-funny-you-really-should-watch-it-or-it’s-going-to-go-away sitcom about six friends and lovers, “Max gets to walk on the straight side for a little bit and finds out that he still doesn’t love it,” hints Adam Pally of his character. Translation: Max meets a woman in a bar (guest star Abby Elliott) who takes a romantic interest in him. Given that he’s gay, her gender is a deal breaker… until he discovers that she gets really good Bulls tickets. And as you can see in the photos below (including one from the table read for this episode, titled “Flowers for Al-gernon”), he’s willing to go to the mat mouth for them.

Also in the episode, Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) gets smart — and not just in a master-prankster kind of way — when she tires of her friends’ ridicule and decides to give up her love of trashy reality TV for more scholarly pursuits. “It’ll be interesting for viewers to see her so intellectual,” teases Cuthbert. “This is one of her biggest transformations — the furthest removed from her actual self.”

Happy Endings returns to the schedule in late February in its Tuesday-at-9 slot, with back-to-back episodes.

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The last 2 episodes were GOLD. ILU Kerkovich sisters