So long Hollywood: Katie Holmes heading to law school

After almost a decade of relentless interest in her private life, Katie Holmes has seen the dark side of being a celebrity (as the former Mrs. Tom Cruise, my guess is she’s seen a lot more than that!!). Point is, I can totally see how Holmes might be a little disenamoured with the whole movie star thing.

Especially since her film career in recent years has been one misfire after another. And based on recent reports, the second career as fashion designer isn’t going so well either. So what’s a yummy mummy to?

According to a new story in the National Enquirer, the actress is planning a total about face by enrolling in law school. “Katie started acting when she was a teenager, and she’s grown tired of that world,” says the NE‘s source. And I can see it. Especially since (as discussed) acting also appears to have grown tired of her.

Source further explains that Katie wants to be a positive roll model for daughter Suri, who (at this point) would be forgiven for thinking that being a girl means wearing fur and applying lip gloss. (Both of which Little Sci does with considerable skill.)

This story, when you consider K-Ho’s history, isn’t such a shock. Prior to landing her career defining role on Dawson’s Creek, she was scheduled to start law school and both her father and brother are lawyers. Katie’s dad Martin Holmes was said to be instrumental in advising her on the legal side of her recent divorce.

And speaking of the split heard round the world, it’s certainly possible that Katie has become more interested in the law having gone through one of the more public legal side-shows in celebrity history. Everything seemed to go pretty smoothly in round one, but as I have said many times—it’s possible Tom Cruise is biding his time while building up a case to win back primary custody of Suri. (He has p.c. of his other two kids and TC is not one to walk away from a fight).

So perhaps Katie is going to law school as a preemptive measure. Maybe she plans to defend herself in round two. Now there’s a Katie Holmes vehicle we’d all pay to see.