Beyonce speaks out on National Anthem lip sync controversy at Super Bowl press conference

Beyonce broke her silence Thursday on the National Anthem lip-sync controversy that has dogged her since the inauguration — and she broke it in style.

At a press conference in New Orleans to preview her Super Bowl halftime show, the superstar began with an unusual request of reporters: “Can you please stand?”

And then she sang the National Anthem — live, unaccompanied, and loud.

Her concert over and her point made, Beyonce offered a nuanced and vaguely apologetic account of what happened at the U.S. Capitol last week: She did rely on a pre-recorded vocal track, but she also sang along with it.

I am a perfectionist,” she explained. She said she was afraid she wasn’t prepared for the inauguration performance — having missed a rehearsal with the Marine Band because she was preparing her Super bowl show — and so she used the tape.

She maintained that she will sing live at the Super Bowl, but not because of the inauguration backlash: “I always sing live.” Except, obviously, for last week in Washington. But in that case, she said, “the event wasn’t about me” in the way her halftime show will be..

I will absolutely be singing live,” she said. “This is what I was born for. This is what I was born to do.”

Why didn’t she speak out sooner? “I’m happy that I could tell my story on my terms,” she said.

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