Porn Star Traci Lords; NBA's Rashad McCants Release Shoplifting Web Series 'Booster Club'

Remember that web series I profiled last year where Khloe Kardashian's ex boyfriend Rashad McCants (who is also a former NBA player) played a bisexual, flamboyant leader of a shop lifting ring? Well the series is finally being released on YouTube! 

Rich King Entertainment, along with former NBA star Rashad McCants release Ep. 1 & 2 of their Web Series 'Booster Club'!


Created, produced and directed by Rich King Ent. Group’s Dwayne Barnes and Malaku McCray, “The Booster Club” is a comedy series that will take viewers into the lives of a ring of professional booster “thieves” dedicated to the advancement of those addicted to the high of stealing. “The Wire” meets “Weeds” is the best way to describe it.

It stars ex-porn star Traci Lords, ex-NBA player Rashad McCants, Meagan Good’s sister Lamyia Good, Virginia Watson, Rick, Amy Bell (wife of Bell Biv Devoe’s Ricky Bell), Nathaniel Lamar, Cru Ennis, and Latonya Holmes.
[Ep. 1]

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[Ep. 2] "Someone effed up! For the first time in ten years the booster club gets caught and the ringleader Demetrius (Rashad McCants) recieves a disturbing call from his incarcerated mother, Vonda Jankin(Virginia Watkins) who is not to happy. Meanwhile, Gab (Tracey Lords), and Liltyrechia Jankins (Lamyia Good) bond and get to know each other better. Things heat up at home base as we are introduced to the boosting crew!


Source: Carlton Jordan, YouTube