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Ever since its debut on “Community,” the “Doctor Who” send-up “Inspector Spacetime” has really in some ways taken on a life of its own. (There is even an unofficial web series all about the character’s adventures.) While we are not entirely sure that NBC loved the idea of the show doing an episode all about a character that is only going to appeal to the show’s diehard fans, we Human Beings are nonetheless going to have quite an opportunity to see what unfolds when the gang ends up going to a convention all about the series in the fourth episode of the series.
Want to know some preliminary details? If so, be sure to check out the synopsis for the half-hour below (via SpoilerTV):
“The study group goes to the annual Inspector Spacetime Convention; Annie enjoys the luxuries of the hotel; Jeff spends time with an Inspector Spacetime fan (Tricia Helfer) in the bar.”
While he is not mentioned in the press release, Danny Pudi told us last fall that Matt Lucas is also going to be in this episode as a fellow fan of the sci-fi series, and that he and Abed are going to share a number of scenes together as they navigate the halls of this quirky convention. From a personal standpoint, though, what we are the most interested in seeing is if Jeff is actually going to try to make up being a fan of the very thing he mocks openly just to get a phone number.
Is this the “Community” episode that you are most excited to see?

Robertdoc1984: A #Community promo shows Annie looking nervous on a hotel bed—might she be nervous because Jeff is in the same room?
Not exactly, but her nerves are related to Jeff. The duo sneak away from the rest of the gang while at an Inspector Spacetime convention, but Annie's feelings are hurt when Jeff isn't exactly looking to just hang out with her. Don't worry, the hotel's entire staff is on "Mrs. Winger's" side.

The WatchCommunity people on tumblr put their fanvideo together:

It's been watched over 12,000 times. The cast have seen it:

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NHF Jeff/Annie. Oh well.