Are you watching "The Most Popular Girls In School"?

“The Most Popular Girls In School” is a Youtube web series about the gross, dark, weird side of high school.

Using Dollar Store “Barbies” and stop motion animation, the show centers around a new girl at Overland Park High School, Deandra, and how she finds herself in the middle of a feud between the Van Buren sisters and head cheerleader MacKenzie Zales. It’s like a crude, sick version of ‘Daria’ or ‘Mean Girls’ or ‘Gossip Girl.’ I don’t know if they’re improvising or if the scripts are written but it’s so pitch perfect and hilarious I wouldn’t be surprised by either.

“The Most Popular Girls In School” started on Youtube in 2011, but has since gained a following on Tumblr this year. Start watching it below! Season two is coming soon!

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honestly been waiting for some kind of article about the show to come up so i could post about it. probably the funniest thing on the internet rn