Twitters new 6 second video app set to swamp world with tsunami of celebrity creativity


I’ve got to confess two things: 1. I spend a lot of time on Twitter (to be fair, I’m paid to), and 2. I do like a nice, new, easy-to-use toy.

What’s the appeal of Vine?
Brevity. What Twitter is for text, Vine is for video. It will serve you tiny bento-esque boxes of crafted – or crazy – content. You have six seconds to inspire, amuse, impress, tell a story. Can you do it with no fancy editing, just the stop/start recording which creates montages on the hoof? Just as we attempt to craft elegant and memorable retweetable tweets, so it will be with video. Oh, the fun we’ll have.
It’s hard to think of a retail brand which wouldn’t be able to engage and delight with Vine. Small objects of desire can be filmed and tweeted, brands can talk to followers, stunning goals will play over and over, ‘you’ve been framed’ moments endlessly loop, sneak peeps of new products, showrooms, restaurants, quick hellos to fans … I can already see sponsored Vines and celebrity endorsements … it’s going to be FAB.