Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence Look Out at 'Catching Fire' Shots Final Scenes

No doubt there's been a Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence look out this week. Catching Fire has made an emergency decision to shoot some finals scenes at Ringwood State Park in northern New Jersey.

Loyal fans of the Hunger Games series had thought all scenes for its sequel had been shot but they were wrong. A permit was filed "for a commercial film shoot at Ringwood State Park and Ramapo Mountain State Forest for GGX Productions under the film name, The Idiom."

There was widespread belief this was a fake title also used for casting calls for Catching Fire.

"The permit called for scouting of the locations on Tuesday and Wednesday with filming Thursday and Friday with any extra days to be determined. State Parks Police at the entrance to Ringwood State Park said the entire park was closed Friday and would re-open Saturday."

There have been previous times when scene locations were leaked and security had to be on hand to deal with onlookers and fans. Chances are the same thing happened this time because "park security would not allow a Record photographer to get close to the set."

Catching Fire has become one of the most anticipated movies and fans love getting behind the scenes or into the scenes when they can. If there's a chance Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence were filming, their following would have on the stake out. They have a chemistry that many wish would grow into a solid friendship that many admire.

Which celebrity would you camp out all night to catch a glimpse of? Would it be Joshifer?