Kristen Stewart hates Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Aniston & Katy Perry?

Some days I think the worst of Kristen Stewart, depending on what “the worst” is for that particular day. I do think she seems unprofessional, affected, sullen, disrespectful and twitchy, and what’s worse is that she can’t back up her bad attitude with actual talent (in my opinion). But even though my opinion of Kristen is pretty low, I will give her credit for some things – I don’t believe she’s some kind of girl-on-girl hater, you know? Like, I think she has female friends and she values those friendships and she doesn’t go around bad-mouthing other women. Maybe she’s super-jealous of Jennifer Lawrence, but I like the fact that she’s never taken a public swipe at J-Law before. So it seems weird that The Enquirer would write this piece of Twihard agit-prop which seems to have only one purpose: making The Lip-Bite Brigade come around and defend their eye-rolling heroine to the death! When most people won’t even believe this in the first place:

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

Again, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kristen is jealous of Jennifer Lawrence and all of the amazing things happening to Jennifer’s career. And yes, some of that could have been Kristen’s career had she played her cards differently. And maybe I could believe that Kristen was like “Katy Perry? Seriously? All she’s got are boobs and a candy cane stripper pole.” She thinks that because ALL OF US think that. The Aniston stuff just seems kind of random though, right? Like… is Kristen one of the faceless Team Jolie tin-foil-hat conspiracists getting her direct orders from Empress Zahara? See, that made me like Kristen more!!