Missing Zayn Malik? Perrie Edwards Admits To Biscuit And Chip Craving

Blondie currently gearing up for Little Mix UK tour

Looks like Perrie Edwards is in indulging as she prepares for Little Mix's tour of the UK, the ladies kick off their 18 date tour next week and the 'Wings' singer continues to ready herself in rehearsals, has admitted she can't stop stuffing her face.

The blonde beauty, whose svelte figure doesn't exactly give away she loves gorging on biscuits, admitted on Twitter that not only had she scoffed all the biccies in her room she'd nicked bandmate Jessy's as well.

She wrote on Twitter: “OK, iv ate all the biscuits in my hotel room, even went to Jesys room to eat hers and I'm still hungry! I need chips!!! #nofood :( perrie <3”

Blimey Perrie, what could've brought on this food craving? No doubt the hectic rehearsals for LM's tour has been tiring her out, the girls are known for their energetic stage routines and Perry must need to keep her strength up.

Earlier this week the teen had another (sort of) near disaster when she couldn't decided which of her many pairs of shoes she should take with her.

She revealed: "Packing for the tour, too many shoes to choose from! -- being a girl is hard man! Haha :) Perrie <3"

Maybe she's pinning for boyfriend Zayn?

The couple are both looking at busy 2013's with One Direction gearing up for a mammoth global six month tour, performing 117 shows across 19 countries. Imagine how many shoes he'll take with him!