DAMN LIBERTY: Stans need not enter [NSFW]

Remember when scorned wife Liberty Ross wore a bunch of sexy things following her split from Rupert Sanders, prompting some people to call those things “revenge outfits” and prompting us to ask if that is a real thing that people do? Well, if you believe that it is, and you also believe that she’s still sore about that whole thing, you will probably believe this to be her greatest revenge outfit yet. (NSFW!)

Also hipbones + snippets of interview

"I moved to L.A. with my (ex)husband Rupert because I felt it was time for him to have his turn. We both like it there and we were both established in what we did, but it felt like things could only excel for him in film in America. I wanted to have children and change my life in that way too. I’m glad I did it; I don’t have any regrets."

She also talks about how she liked turning 30, which may or may not have been a subtle dig at the immaturity of certain young actresses (I did not tag She Who Will Not Be Named for a reason):

“I think I am the only person who likes getting older! It felt like a relief when I turned 30. It felt like I had control of my life rather than it having control of me.”

Of course, there’s a chance Liberty Ross posed nude not to throw it in Rupert’s face, but because she is a professional model and someone asked her to. Or possibly to let potential paramours know what they can look forward to finding under all those revenge outfits. Or even “just for fun.” But everyone knows that most of the things women do in the nude are related to men, jealousy, marriage, and revenge, so this is probably a revenge photo. (Oop @ me)

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