Courtney Stodden Goes Brunette

Courtney Stodden has proved it isn't just blondes who have more fun.

"My dark side," the famously platinum-tressed singer and Couples Therapy star tweeted today, along with a photo of herself wearing a brunette wig.

Of course, if she were actually trying to fool people, she certainly wouldn't have let a few of her, er, natural strands fly loose.

But Doug Hutchison's 18-year-old wife was just enjoying playing dress-up.

She also tweeting a second pic captioned, "Actually enjoying my darker side ;-) meow," in which she's striking a pin-up pose in a teeny red outfit.

The quick-change artist further demonstrated the perks of wigs vs. dyeing when she showed how easy it is to go back to normal.

"Back to blonde -- BAMM!!! Lol! ;-x," she finally tweeted, show over.