I took a selfie with the Queen!

I went to see The Heiress last night with my friend (4th row, we had better seats than Harvey Weinstein and Taye Diggs!) and Queen Jessica was amazing. Afterwards, we stood outside in 15 degree weather to meet Jessica and Dan Stevens from Downton Abbey. It was worth it to meet my queen!!!!

Dan was very nice and hugged a lot of people. He is sooooo handsome up close, I wanted to get on stage and maul him. Jessica was an absolute sweetheart (albeit making us wait a hour in the freezing cold! But she apologized anyways) and used sign language with me (I'm Deaf) and I was amazed at how beautiful, intelligent and adorable she was. I fully stan for her now.

I still can't believe I took an iPhone selfie with Jessica!!

Mods, I uploaded to imgur, hope it works now!