Stephen Dorff Caught Peeing On Hollywood Blvd

Looks like Stephen Dorff is busy rehearsing for the lead in The Whiz.

Lest our eyes deceive us, the 39-year-old Dorff was seen making a pit stop next to an obliging bush outside the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel last night.

Though Dorff wasn't caught midstream (unlike Emile Hirsch), a photographer who captured the Kodak moment said that the Somewhere star informed the paparazzi that he was trying to pee, thankyouverymuch.

A rep for Dorff hasn't returned a request for comment. But, hey, at least he was outside! Bronson Pelletier and Gérard Depardieu can't be bothered with such details!

TMZ: "Stephen, what were you trying to do."
Stephen: "I was trying to piss."
TMZ: "On public property, man?"
Stephen: "Yeah, man, that's where I do it."

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