Taylor Swift: "Once a relationship is done, it's done"

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles broke up during a Caribbean holiday in early January, with a source close to Swift telling Us Weekly that the split was "definitely going to be for good".

However, when Taylor Swift landed in London on Monday, rumors swirled that she was in town for make-or-break talks with Styles Swift's rep was quick to shoot down the rumors, telling E! News that Swift was staying in a Central London hotel to shoot a magazine cover. Swift herself later confirmed via twitter that she had visited London for a "quick photo shoot".

On Wednesday, Swift flew from London to Madrid. During an television appearance on “El Hormiguero, the singer seemed to allude to the new reunion rumors when discussing her single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. “I think once a relationship is done, it’s done. You can’t do that back and forth thing. It’s the most exhausting process. Maybe I wrote that song so I would never get back in that relationship! If you write that about it, there is no way you are getting back together!”

Swift, who recently ruled out marrying young, told the Spanish audience: “I think in our twenties, it’s like, ‘Oh, I guess I’ll try hanging out with him, or I’ll try hanging out with him, or I’ll try being single.’ think, for me, I try not to focus on whether there are cameras or what people are gonna say. I think you have to live a life rather than care too much what people think about it.”

However, Radar claims that Swift was "desperate" to meet Styles in London but was "ignored": "He told her he had too much going on, even though she purposely arranged to stay at a hotel that wasn't too far away from his home. Harry found Taylor a little too full-on and scary, and he was put off by how serious she was about him after such a short period of time. Then she had this crazy meltdown, accusing him of cheating, when he didn't. It freaked him out to say the least and he's kind of thinking she's more drama than she's worth. He really isn't looking to settle down with the love of his life, but suspects that Taylor is."