Taylor Swift: 'the press think that every time I like a guy I'm buying a house next to them'

Taylor stopped by “El Hormiguero” in Madrid, Spain, on Wednesday to promote her latest album “Red,” so naturally the country singer had to play along and answer a few personal questions, too.

While Swift didn’t address Styles specifically during yesterday’s sit down she did poke fun at some of the biggest (and false) rumors out there about her.

“People say that I’m buying houses all the time that I’m not buying. It’s like… every time the press thinks I like a guy they say I am buying a house next to them,” Swift laughed.And also they think they know what I’m getting people for Christmas, which they don’t. I was thinking when I saw that one that if they actually got it right I would be so sad because they would have blown my Christmas present, but they were all wrong.”

Radar Online reported in December that Taylor was house hunting near Styles’ home London, while the Daily Star claimed that for Christmas she was getting $80,000 worth of Beatles memorabilia for her One Direction beau.

On her style lately: 
"I think that it's important to style wise, sound wise, lyrically, to change and to grow and one thing that's been important to me is to grow up naturally. I put out my first album when I was 16 and I've always worn a considerable amount of clothing, like for me,  I'm not much for nudity or showing too much because I just don't necessarily feel like it's necessary for me, but if there's a dress that I feel is incredibly fashionable and it's a little more low cut, I'm 23 and I feel like it's okay to wear that. You know if I want to wear shorts on stage, one time when I wore shorts on stage for the first time the press articles were like "Taylor gets edgy" I'm like I'm wearing shorts! So sometimes you feel like it's a little bit too speculated on, but I think taking little risks and chances is important."

On how she handles false gossip
"I think in order to get to do what you love which is this incredible positive thing there are draw backs. I had to stop reading any gossipy article written about me for the last two years because it would hurt my feelings that so much of it was not true. So what I had to kinda do was just realize that's not me, that's someone else, they're writing about a character because none of those people know me. I think that's the drawback, your privacy is completely gone, but I asked for it because I could be singing in a coffee house somewhere but I asked to be at this level and there's going to be a drawback to whatever path you take in life and I try to handle it as positively as I can. So some days I have days where I feel like I can totally handle it, and then some days I feel like I'm walking on a tight rope and I'm losing my balance because you're human and you have good days and bad days and up days and down days and that's just kinda how it works. That's why writing songs helps me get through all that."

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