Kate Upton superbowl ad too sexy?

A new Mercedes-Benz ad starring the voluptuous Kate Upton is generating some surprisingly negative buzz in the blogosphere, with critics calling it cheap and tasteless—even wondering if it's too sexy.

While sexism in advertising is an old story, one reason for such a heightened reaction in this case may be the blatantly, almost old-school sexy style of the ad, according to Wheelock College sociology and women's studies professor Gail Dines.

"Panning the body like that is something that belonged in media a while ago," Dines, the co-author of Gender, Race and Class in Media: A Critical Reader, told Yahoo! Shine. "It's so clearly turning her into an object. It's a more traditional, old-fashioned sexism, one where the male gaze is clearly in charge." Sexism in ads these days, she added, is typically more nuanced, with women acting as self-objectifiers who are "internalizing the male gaze."


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