Kristen Bell Admits That Dan As Gossip Girl 'Makes No Sense'

Remember when Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) turned out to be Gossip Girl, and you were just like, A) Why does Dan moonlight as a female internet stalker? B) Why is Dan such a sociopathic perv? And C) Why is Dan's interior monologue voiced by Kristen Bell?

You are not alone. Even though we all totally wish that she was the voice inside our heads, the wind beneath our wings, even KBell thinks it makes zero logical sense that Dan is Gossip Girl. In fact she said as much to Indie Wire's Peter Knegt, who Instagrammed a picture of Kristen with the caption "Kristen Bell after admitting it makes no sense that Dan was Gossip Girl."

Real talk, girl. Clearly, Dorota (Zuzanna Szadkowski) should have been Gossip Girl. Or at the very least Chuck's (Ed Westwick) forsaken dog, Monkey. Also, how dare Dan be so internet judgey when his hair looks like a nest for feral subway rats?

Double also, we're loving your adventurous flirtation with turtlenecks, Kristen!