Major spoilers for tonight's season finale of AHS: Asylum

FX's "American Horror Story: Asylum" airs its season finale, "Madness Ends," tonight at 10.

In this episode written by Tim Minear, the final fates of all the surviving characters are revealed. Lana, Kit, Sister Jude, BloodyFace Jr., even odious Cardinal Howard, get their moments.

The Angel of Death is sure busy - but we only see her kiss one person.

(as much as i don't want jude to die, even if she survives the '60s/briarcliff, it's inevitable if the show ends in present day. excited for another amazing scene between jessica and frances, though)

In the opening tease before even the credits air, we flash back to the unfortunate newlyweds played by Adam Levine and Jenna Dewan Tatum - from the point of view of the creature that hacked off Adam's arm.

In the present, Lana has become something of a Barbara Walters - known for her TV investigative journalism, beloved by celebrities and remarkably well preserved.

Somebody seriously needs to give an Emmy to AHS' make-up staff because they brilliantly age actress Sarah Paulson into looking like an older woman who has had plastic surgery. That's some prosthetics wizardry there.

She's spilling her life story to a news reporter - and she even admits her darkest secret - BloodyFace Jr. lived.

"Lies are like scars on the soul. They destroy you."

Bad choice of words? That killer brat is lurking close.

In the past, Lana makes good on her promise to Kit and documents all of Briarcliff's cruelty in a video similar to Joseph Wiseman's stunning expose "Titicut Follies" from 1967. Given that the show is set in New England at about the same time, all similarities are deliberate.

"I want moral outrage. I want to put America in the asylum," Lana vows. Mission accomplished.

The middle segment of the episode is the most moving for this viewer. After all the horrors he suffered, Kit turns out to be one of the most compassionate men ever depicted in this series. I will say no more about this sequence but must admit I got a bit teary. Out of the midst of madness and degradation, sometimes decency can triumph.

(guessing this is why murphy called kit the "hero" of the season and has something to do with those leaked pictures of jessica lange holding the actress who plays kit's daughter. kit likely brings jude home to live with him and his kids once briarcliff's shut down.)

Back in the present, BloodyFace Jr. confronts the mother who gave him up.

"I always knew this day would come," Lana says.

One key mystery is never explained, alas, and that will, justifiably, set off the most grumbling.

(fucking aliens tbh)

"American Horror Story: Asylum" closes as if it were a rich novel. It might be the first show to take advantage of how many viewers consume shows - in marathons - and to propel the story in a way similar to a novel, with an introduction, rising consequences and then a denouement.

It works.


who do you think will be the last one standing? will be beyond pissed if lana and bloodyface jr. finish each other off and in some cruel twist, 90-year-old cardinal dickface is the one who survives.

all i want are non-depressing endings for lana and jude, is that so much to ask


1) You'll learn who chopped off Adam Levine's character's arm.

2) Since it is present day, a main character has no problem being upfront about her sexuality anymore.

3) Lana shouldn't trust the person who brings her a sparkling water during her 60 Minutes-style interview that frames the majority of the episode.

4) Someone rescues Sister Jude from Briarcliffe—but it's not Lana that does so.

5) Many people die in the episode, but the Angel of Death only visits one of the people that dies. The person who dies welcomes it too.

6) Someone commits suicide.

7) Someone gets married and someone becomes a godmother.

8) The aliens return for someone and you might even catch the tiniest glimpse of what they look like.

9) Mother and son, as expected, meet in the present. But it wasn't the first time they did.

10) The meaning behind the ending, which flashes back to 1964 again, is likely to be debated for quite some time.

3 - bloody face poisons/drugs lana? ugh
4 - it's kit
6 - monsignor pls
7 - jude obvs becomes the godmother of kit's alien brood

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