Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD remake coming by Fall 2013, Wii U Zelda also in development

This morning's Nintendo Direct confirmed two new Zelda games for Wii U, namely an HD remake of GameCube game Wind Waker with improvements to gameplay and graphics, and a brand new entry that will address series conventions like "completing the dungeons in a certain order", and to "play by yourself." The Wind Waker HD remake is expected "by this fall."

In the Nintendo Direct broadcast, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma said the new Wii U entry's mission statement is to "rethink the conventions of Zelda," including things like linear progression through dungeons. Aonuma went on to say the new Zelda game will take some time before it is released.

We won't have to wait as long for Wind Waker on Wii U, though. In addition to visual and gameplay tune-ups, the remake features off-TV GamePad play and is Miiverse-compatible.