Nintendo Direct brings fanboys to tears across the globe

Today’s Nintendo Direct conference began with Mr. Iwata discussing Miiverse, and how it helps players that are stuck in certain games and allows them to share their experiences, using ZombiU as an example.

Two system updates for the Wii U are planned for the spring and summer. Software will launch faster and returning to the Wii U Menu will be faster.

Summary of the announcements under the cut. Virtual Console, New games, major hype..., and features enhanced NES, SNES, and GBA games that support a back-up save for game progress, off-TV GamePad play, and Miiverse communities.

NES Virtual Console games cost $4.99-5.99, and SNES VC titles cost $7.99-8.99. If you’ve purchased the Wii version of a VC title offered on Wii U, you can download the Wii U VC version at at a reduced price; NES titles will cost $1, and SNES titles cost $1.50.

A special promotion is being launched for Wii U Virtual Console in which specific titles are offered at 30 cents. The first title is Balloon Fight, available now.

In Pikmin 3, players can use the GamePad as a camera to take pictures in-game and share them on Miiverse.

A Miiverse update is on the way, adding these:
* Enable ability to create user communities
* More than one official community per title
* Usability improvements
* Add filtering function.

The ability to browse Miiverse from smartphones this arrives sometime in the spring. A Miiverse app for smartphones is on the way as well.

A trailer for The Wonderful 101 was shown, followed by a teaser trailer for Bayonetta 2. Development of the title is underway, and the game will have multiple new locations.

More information on the upcoming Super Smash Bros. titles will be announced at E3 2013!

A new 3D Mario action game and a new Mario Kart title are on the way for Wii U!

A sequel to Wii Party was shown; the title makes use of the GamePad for multiplayer, with two players sharing the GamePad for head-to-head minigames.

A brand-new game by developer Good-Feel, the team behind Kirby’s Epic Yarn was revealed. The game, starring Yoshi, did not have an official title, but shared the same style as Epic Yarn. Yoshi’s Epic Yarn?

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem was revealed, a collaboration between Atlus and Nintendo!

A new Legend of Zelda game is in development for Wii U! The development of the new game will take quite some time, but an HD remake of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is also on the way! The game supports off-TV GamePad play and includes Miiverse support. Launches Fall 2013!

A final title was teased, simply dubbed “X”. Developed by Monolith Soft (the team behind Xenoblade Chronicles), a trailer for the title was shown. Looks very impressive!

Missed the live stream? Here’s the YouTube archive video:
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This is my first post on ONTD but after seeing the Nintendo Direct I just had to share it. Hyped for Bayonetta 2 and "X" (lbr it's Xenoblade 2 with giant mecha). Monolith Soft is flawless.