Don Jon is getting a wide release!

From JGL's tumblr:

I am super stoked to announce that “Don Jon’s Addiction” - the movie I wrote & directed - just closed a really great deal and it’s going to come out all over the world! 
This movie was made traditionally, as opposed to our collective collaborative process here at hitRECord. One day I do hope to make a feature film that way with you guys. I think the success that “Don Jon” has achieved so far will really help us in our future endeavors as a production company.
I do want to say that I have learned so much being hitRECord’s Director - working on all of our short films & various other productions. I could not have done “Don Jon’s Addiction” without all of the experience here on hitRECord & I owe you guys a lot!
And Thanks Again!

I've been trying to post some more reviews/interviews to make this a master post but LJ sucks and I keep getting an error. If you want to find some interesting JGL interviews regarding this movie, head over to JGLnews on tumblr. They have a good compilation