The Biebs Is Finally Ready to Snatch Gaga's Twitter Wig

Justin Bieber Overtaking Lady Gaga in Twitter Followers

Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber have always been Twitter royalty – The King and Queen of the service, if you will. They’ve held the #1 and #2 spots in follower count for a couple of years – but always in that order. Lady Gaga has always had a slight edge over Bieber.

That may be about the change

Back in May of 2011, Lady Gaga became the first person to ever hit 10 million followers on Twitter. Coming in second, at the time, was Justin Bieber.

Flash forward to January, 2012, when Lady Gaga hit 18 million followers. Once again, Justin Bieber retained the second-place spot.

In March, Gaga hit 20 million followers, with Bieber still trailing. In June, Gaga hit 25 million and yes, Bieber was just behind her. I’m hoping you’re sensing a pattern here.

But now, it looks like Bieber is gaining on Gaga – and fast. Some Bieber fans are already reporting that Bieber has surpassed Gaga, and have screenshots to prove it. TwitterCounter lists Bieber with a 1,000 follower lead on Gaga, but still ranks him at #2.

Twitter follower counts (especially when we’re talking tens of millions of followers) can fluctuate wildly by the second – but as of right now we’re still seeing Bieber as about 3,000 behind Gaga. Both have just over 33.3 million followers.

It does look like it’s going to happen soon, however. Gaga used to hold a couple of million follower lead on Bieber.

If he becomes the leader, maybe he’ll twitpic a photo of his ass in celebration. That would most definitely fire up the beliebers.

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