Taylor Swift: “I can never decide if I want love or my own space”

In an interview with VIBE’s January issue, Taylor Swift opened up about her love life.

“Independence is something I’ve always needed, from when I was young," she says, "but I love the idea of romance and falling in love. I’ve never really had a long relationship. So that’s something I think about for the future. It’s an interesting part of my personality: Part of me just wants to be alone .... Sagittarians are really independent, and we like our space. We’re drawn to love but battle for that need for independence."

In another recent interview with Parade, she revealed: People think I want to get married really young - I don't know why. I'm a romantic person, but that doesn't mean I want to miss out on being in my young 20s."

Despite writing about it so prolifically, Swift claims not to know much about love. "I tend to think things are love and then look back and reevaluate."


Taylor Swift invites sick fan to lunch in Nashville

Taylor Swift had lunch with Kayla Kincannon, a sick fan from Madison Heights, Michigan, on Saturday (19 January) in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee.

Swift's mother Andrea phoned Kayla and arranged for Swift's tour bus to transport the teenager, who was staying elsewhere in Tennessee, to lunch.

The teenager recently celebrated her 17th birthday in the midst of a battle against brain cancer. She had been undergoing chemotherapy and it appeared to be working. However, Kayla recently learned she has another, larger brain tumor which developed during her treatment. 

Her family and friends launched a social media campaign, OperationGetKaylaToMeetTaylorSwift, in December


Taylor Swift donates 2,000 books to hospital's early literacy program

Taylor Swift is giving something back to the hospital where she was born.

Swift, a native of Wyomissing, Berks Co., and Scholastic Inc., have donated 2,000 books to the Reading Hospital's Child Health Center's early literacy program.

She made the donation through the national Reach Out and Read initiative, which promotes early childhood literacy by bringing new books and information about the importance of reading aloud into the pediatric exam room, officials said.

The Reading Hospital's Child Health Center gives each child between the ages of six months to five years a new, developmentally and culturally appropriate book to take home from their visit, officials said. Over time, children can receive up to 10 books for their home library.

Swift has promoted the importance of literacy and education throughout her career.
In 2009, Swift donated $250,000 to various schools around the country that she had either attended or had other associations with. The money was used to buy books, fund educational programs and help pay teachers' salaries. In 2011, she donated 6,000 books to Reading Public Library, Pennsylvania and, in 2012, she donated 14,000 books to Nashville Public Library, Tennessee. Most of the books were placed in circulation; the rest were gifted to children from low-income families, preschools and daycare centers. 

Swift co-chaired the National Education Association's Read Across America 2012 campaign, has taken part in live webcasts broadcast in schools, and has recorded a PSA encouraging children to read.

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